Join Us!

Our Union 

Our City is in a moment of crisis, and we need to look after ourselves and each other. As members of DC37, NYC’s largest public sector union, we are already well-positioned to fight for our interests as public sector workers while creating a more equitable and just City. 

But here’s the truth: Our union leadership rarely fights for us. In fact, it often does little to ensure that our city puts New Yorkers’ needs before private profits. From donating to the undemocratic IDC to standing against Medicare for All, DC37 leadership often sides with power over people. 

Who We Are 

We are a group of workers unionized under the umbrella federation of District Council 37 in New York City. Within our caucus, various civil service titles, city agencies, and DC37 locals are represented. 

As progressive workers in a city that houses Wall Street, we reject the prioritization of profit over people’s needs, which we see as the morally bankrupt organizing concept of the capitalist world in which we live. In the face of COVID19 and the resulting severe austerity measures (including the proposed layoffs of 22,000 public sector workers), our caucus aims to: 

● Grow a fighting movement, both inside and outside our DC37, that centers rank and file members 

● Increase democracy and transparency in DC37 

● Pursue true social justice, and not just small adjustments to benefits and services 

● Get Section 210 of the Taylor Law, which prevents us from striking, repealed 

● Ensure that all union members, and all workers in general, receive a real living wage 

● Reject austerity and make Wall Street pay for crises 

● Create a united front with other unions and other workers 

Get Involved 

The DC 37 Progressive Caucus welcomes those who agree with our points of unity. We are also open to coalition building with others to make our union, city and world a better and more just place. If this movement interests you, please attend one of our meetings, which we hold every other Thursday at 6pm EST. You can email for more info. 

Grow Our Caucus 

Can you invite 5 other members in your local, or other DC37 workers, who share our vision to join us? Try connecting with them outside of work hours to gauge their interest.